One Sided Love Shayari In English

Writers ko find karne hum apne writing contest partner @springbuddies ke saath One Sided Love Shayari in English ka collection aapke liye laaye hai. Har kisi ko mohabbat nahi milti magar hoti jarur hai. Aam janta me kya hai iss jazbaat ke shabd, wahi logo se liye hai humne. Pyar jeevan nahi, pyar hi jeene ka salikaa hai. Ho na ho, jazbaat hi insaan ko insaan banaati hai. Pyar se pyar bayaan na ho, magar one side love status in english, har kisi ke status me mil hi jaata hai.

one sided love shayari in english

Unsaid Crush Love – One Sided Love Shayari

Saw him again this lately September,
He still looked sweet and kind, i remember!

In his kindle smile I still drown,
He looked like a king wearing a crown.

Uff! He is yet all on my mind,
I Wish i never saw him, and got blind.

Fake hopes is today’s trend.
Will he again atleast be my friend?

Did ever I loved him or maybe he’s just a crush?
Oops! Saw him again and now i blush.


one sided love shayari in english

HALF LOVE- IN MY MEMORIES – One Sided Love Shayari

one sided love shayari in english

Breaking the single peice of heart,
You have, offered me gift of HALF LOVE..
You have taken away you part,
You have left me alone, to wail back to the start,
Nothing looks prepossesd, in half
Neither the Moon nor my love, now a bluff,
Unidirectional attractions, cannot be my stuff,
I have loved your being, not your body,
Despite of this physical separation,
I would celebrate the joy of other half,
The other half deep in my memories,
The other half, sensed in my reflection,
The other half, smearing my dermis,
The other half, YOU, the soul who back stabbed me….


Unconditional Love- One Sided Love Shayari

one sided love shayari in english

Since teenage we know about one sided love’s thought,
never to expect something and give away all the love you want.

Never to think weather he will be yours, just live in the hope,
situations will change, your feelings will cure.

Seeing the one you love with others its not a easy task to do,
the love that we crave ,will meet us someday that’s the only line we go through.

With the passing time the feelings starts to grow strong,
the thought for waiting for the special one stays no long.

The love that we have for them is priceless in every way,
but its wrong if you think only love will make them stay.

Writer- @ruhaaniyat__

one sided love shayri is so favourite, magar aashiq pal pal marta hai iss emotion me. Social media One sided love status se bhari hai, lekin kisi se love ho usae kehna kitna mushkil hai. Love poem me aapko bhi aapki meethi yaad, yaad jarur aayo hogi. Kuch aur aisi baate aapko aur one side love poems me batayenge. Padhna aur relate bhi karna…

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One sided love

one sided love shayari in english

Some time ago I opened up my heart to you
You did what you decided to do.
You decided to keep my as a closest companion.
Much to your dismay I was kicking the bucket as far as possible.

You slaughtered me with each innocent look.
My heart dissolved and my knees shook.
I generally needed more than that,
Be that as it may, I get it wasn’t intended to be.

Be that as it may, you’ll never genuinely realize the amount you intended to me.
You were consistently there
Furthermore, cleaned away every tear.
I simply wish you would’ve paused, remained here.
I actually dream about you in this uneven love.

It’s difficult to inhale without you,
Like a stifling bird.
I wish you cherished me the manner in which I adored you,
Yet, this is an exercise that helped me become familiar with reality.

Watchman your central core and brain,
Except if you need yourself stuck a boisterous predicament.
This uneven love has torn my separated.
This uneven love has made me extremely upset.

If it’s not too much trouble be protected on this excursion of life,
Furthermore, return sometime and make me your better half.
This uneven love is a perilous game,
Yet, on the other hand, that is the situation…

Writer- Neerav Patel

Only my Love till the end – One Sided Love Shayari

one sided love shayari in english

I love you… silently,pleasently,
Living every moment with you,
Hiding all my feelings,
Saving all the memories.

It’s hard to see…
You with someone else,
But it gets easy when
I see a smile on your face.

You act like a drug to me,
I can’t live without you,
But also…
I can’t be with you.

You don’t love me,
As I am only a friend,
But I promise…,
I will love you till my end.

Writer- Sakshi Siron Guria

Part Apart – One Sided Love Shayari

one sided love shayari in english

I wish I could tell you what is in my heart,
The pain, the sorrow and the memories falling apart,
I remember in that dress you looked so wow,
I wish I could relive those moments now,
Your touch was enough to make me feel better,
In today’s time as well I am waiting for your letter,
I know we are now on a different path,
I wish I could tell you how much I still love you, my sweetheart..!!!

Writer- Salman Kazi

One Sided Love Shayari In English

one sided love shayari in english

It’s killing me at everyday with single moment,
Remembering the days that I loved you more.
It’s deeply drowned me to can’t get up my life,
Missing those days with you that I loved you more.
It’s completed distract myself to think about it,
Spending the days with you that I loved you more.
It’s totally forgot it my past and imagined future,
Lovable scenarios in present with you that I loved you more.
It’s can be fully executed my mind to recall your love,
Even the golden days can disappear like without you that I loved you more.
But after gone the days of lonely nights and dark days,
Still breathing your soul that I loved you more than forever.

Writer- MachJoke


one sided love shayari in english

Love – the feeling of warmth
once came flying on to my mind,
when his crazy eyes met mine,
the way he talked, the way he was.

Glowering upon my love arrival,
with his drooping eyes flourish,
that brings dazzling smile on my face,
He was to whom I value beyond the stars.

Enchanted by his iteration,
every memory spent with him,
has now become contagious like knife,
my tears now won’t let me to see those stars.

Life was dark when he flew
from my heart, which was once crazy
is now a sickening silence where I dive,
that day we became invisible to each other

Writer- Sadiya Tazeen

Emotion pyaar ka hi hai, lekin One Sided Love Poem me har kisi ke apni kahaani. Takleef alag aur solution bhi. Ehsaas ke iss bheed me bas sikhna hai ke pyar ko pyar milta nahi. One side emotion poetry likhe aur koi aur pyar accept kare ya na kare, aap khud toh karo.

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