Journey Of Life Poem In English

School Student Guest Post me “Journey Of Life Poem In English” ki submission aayi hai. Ek young boy ke angle se “short poem about life journey” uske lafzo me bayaan hoti hai. Har age me emotion aur samaj alag hoti hai. Uss phase me humare lie “famous poems about life journey” humare life stage and mentality pe depend karta hai. Ruthaaashiq har kisi ke emption and phase ko acknowledge karna chaahta hai aur uss awaaz se nichod lena chaahta hai.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Journey of learning
We learn new things, new lesson every day..

We learn some skills,
And some we just forget next day…

Journey of happiness
We smile, we laugh we celebrate in joy..

Some moments we remember forever,
And some just fade away…

Journey of heartaches,
Hardships, breakups, demotion and depression..

Some break us, some retake us,
Some make us awake…

Journey with lots of turns,
We do encounter many ups and down..

Road won‟t always be smooth,
But always keep zest to move…

Because You Only Live Once,
Enjoy the journey… Enjoy the experience…

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Life – Teach a lesson in a hard way

Hey !
I never really understood you,
A friend? Enemy? Frenemy?

Why lot’s of hurdles in my way,
Why break me in such a hard way.

Successful friends, badmouthing neighbors,
Displeased parents, guilty me.

You despised me,
but not in long run though.

I’m grateful for those broken feathers,
Which keeps me soaring higher than ever,
Thank you LIFE.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Our Life

Sophisticated life is a boon or us,
Given by God for every human beings…
It depends upon our fate and karma,
Doing good things made us well settled..

Bad thought and wrong doing are,
not full-fill to achieve our goal in life..
It may fail,
before getting success,

Our life Journey isn’t a simple process,
A fruit ripened in tree gives sweet taste..
But it ripened as artificial gives sweet taste,
it injures our health completely…..

There are more hurdles and thorns,
We should clean such things and leave..
And we should make our own path,
Through that our success will be declared…

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Life is

To me life is,
Blessings abound.
Beauty before us,
The wondrous sounds.

To me life is,
Phenomenal gifts,
The ones we are given,
The seasonal shifts.

To me life is,
Astonishing souls.
Wildlife in abundance,
With infallible goals.

To me life is,
Surprising charisma,
We are blinded and conditioned,
You never know who is with ya.

To me life is,
Community handmade.
Family and friends,
All things God made.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Ray Of Hope

When she exposed her Soul to the real world,
Rush of negativity just covered her from inside-out..

She encountered things with frustration,
Each day frightened her a little more..

Then there was a time,
When rage was mixed with jealousness..

She was furious with no answers,
Her violance infuriated into disasters…

She was capable of immence violation ,
Her minds began to crumble..

Her knowledge began to fade
Her faith in everything shook..

Walking through her mind and soul,
Long she saw a mirage of hope..

Trove a treasure box of multiple responses
Enlightened her to absorbe the treat..

Lending her, the real her,
towards infinite possibilities….

Journey Of Life Poem In English

The Rainbow Umbrella

Red of passion,
Orange of joy,
Yellow of friendship,
Green of health,
Blue of confusion,
Indigo of hardwork,
Violet of luxury…

All are colours,
My rainbow umbrella have,
Protecting me from rain,
And the scorching sun,
From the starting to the end,
Life contain beautiful colours,
As rainbow in sky after a rain….

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Bhaasha alag hai lekin, writer kaunse life stage ke hisaab se “Journey Of Life Poem In English” me zindagi ko kis nazar se dekhta hai wo feel aa gaya. Jab Rutha Aashiq ka bachpan ka stage tha aur fir bade hote hote “beautiful poem about life in english” ka taste jarur badla hai. Magar “short poem about life journey” ki collection kahi na kahi store ki hui hoti hai. Zindagi me attitude banaaye rakhne ke liye ese art form se connect rehna acha rehta hai.

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Beauty Of Life

Life is aesthetic, live it to the fullest,
Explore mysteries, unfurl the secrets.
A journey of various fascinating things,
Miles to go with enormous feelings .
Difficult to understand, impossible to explain,
Still have hope and positve retrain.
Some way sour, other way sweet,
Overflow of many wonderful treats.
Life is whirlwind with ups and downs,
Move forward through twist and turns.
Untold fears tear the soul apart,
Cheerful gesture tie back the heart.
Soothing calmness provide blissfulness,
Step by step grab the happiness.
Abide all sufferings with sparkling smile,
Give it a pause and think awhile.
May be the life is not so easy,
Occasionally allow it to become some lazy.
Desires come along just as cool breeze,
Try hard to fulfill as you please.
Brings numerous confusing puzzles,
Understand logically and it is all yours.
Life is a journey of colourful dreams,
What matters most is lots of gleam.

Journey Of Life Poem In English


life is not a letter to write,
and post your happiness and pain…

We all know What we lose,
and what We gain…

Life is like a flower
It will bloom…

Also wither and fade,
many u-turns and straight Roads…

It’s you who should know-
how To trade…

Life will play the tears,
Very soft…

No one will hear,
And no one will talk…

My life will judge me,
Not the world…

With my life I am,
Safe and trolled…

Life is beautiful,
It makes me too..

It’s only the life
Common in me and you.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Drug Abuse

Immersed in clusters of hopeless addictions,
That looked like a happy substitute..

Killed my layers profuse,
immeasurable in multitude …

Tangled me curvy shackles,
of a borderline case…

Seemed like never,a new metamorphose,
from recklesss drowns of Haze..

In came a hope, A Love encompassing,
Inner voice whispered, a strength promising…

Start today, you got not lack,
A web of lies, deceit, that took you aback..

Turned you sour without anything better
But, that hate! Can you see? Is a posion bitter ..

Join hands, march a parade,
Say toodles to deadly, shambolic evade…

Journey Of Life Poem In English

The Road To Be Taken

Life often lands you up on crossroads,
Where in an impasse you stand?

Analysing the path to take,
Will I be able to tread it? Will it be worth it?

The crowded left will be a smooth joyful ride,
The deserted right will be a stony tough stride.

The left will tempt you,
The right will scare.

The left will reward as you start,
The right will challenge you to dart.

In the end, all that matters are,
Neither the destination.
Nor the hardships
It’s the road taken
For the lessons, it taught
And the growth it brought

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Wealth Of Life

Wealth an emotion.
Reverberated by the curling thoughts.
You strive for it, even die for it .
I can make you wealthy too.
A great family love my wealth.
In profound, an empire to rise above all.

Wealth a possession.
They make my world to enshrine.
Positive aura dwelling on me.
Thou art an indescribable world.
Undulating the morning star.
I hold my wealth close to heart.

Wealth a commemoration.
You were a part of me now extinct.
Past fairies I have danced with,
They my wealth may leave me,
to curtail intense happiness.
In skewed agony wealth.
showered seeds of desire.
Everything and everyone around me,
my esteemed wealth.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Losing People

Do we lose people to time,
Somewhere in its dark passages,
Caught up in frames,
Covered with dust,
Sweetly, gently rubbed away,
By the ticking, relentless,
That came in between,
The words that got caught up,
And swallowed when they rose again,
Because the sound of it seemed strange.
Or do we lose people to silence,
Stretching like an ocean wide in between,
Conversations that couldn’t articulate,
In words what the heart urged to say,
Because sometimes, it seems unreal,
That the things we want to hold on to,
Could want to change away,
Until it blurred and disappeared,
Into the fondness of a memory,
Lost in the mind’s ebb and flow,
The rise of tide in everyday.
Is it distance that comes in between,
The absence of an embrace,
Smiles reflecting off each other’s face,
Eyes locking and fingers’ tracing
A way into the depth of thoughts,
Kept locked from elsewhere,
Gestures, simple, silent, unimportant,
That spell out reveries so easily,
More than words could ever claim.
Or maybe, it is none of the above.
Maybe, we lose people to other people,
Not because we weren’t enough,
Or because they forgot to love.
It just happened that they found,
By pure chance, without searching,
Somewhere else, a place,
Where they could be more,
More of who they wanted to be,
In a way so effortlessly easy,
Instead of a stifling lie,
And difficult forced monotony.
Does it hurt?
Yes, of course.
Is it fair?
I don’t know.
But, that’s the thing, though.
For every person you think you lost,
If you search long enough,
I think you will find,
That somewhere, in the trickle of conversations,
Dying down, you always knew,
You weren’t the first to lose,
You had learnt to let go,
Even before it hurt you.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Student section se bhi “short poem about life journey” aapko kya lagta hai? Kabhi kabhi lagta hai, bacho ko life ka kitna sab khayaal hai, jitna hume samaj nahi thi. “Famous poems about life journey” ke thoughts dusre kid section se bhi refer kiya tha toh lagta hai, life ko race samaj kar bache jeena bhi bhul gaye. Zamaana se milkar zindagi turns leti jarur hai, lekin basics zindagi ke same hi hote hai. beautiful poem about life in english me un basics ko pakadke agar life ko trend ke hisaab se turns de toh hum bhi life me grow hi karenge.

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So bleak, so empty, like a canvas blank
Clueless, cloudless, without colours, my heart sank
Thoughts, misery and madness
Charred a blossom of meadow ripes
Gloomy blues rushed in plenty, watery teary wipes
I tried abiding by the sparkles that a hope could bring
In void of darkness, that could push my hollows to a farfetched swing
Wrenching panics, painful struggles on scary barren floors
Grappling lows screamed for aiding lighted doors
Vulnerability equaled to zilch, tearing me down
In dire need, a tiny faith upheld my lifeless with a little frown
Self love upheld my fall, without letting me me drown
Recollecting hope took a little while
A resolute heave, brought me an unwavering smile

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Tree of life

Kindness prevails of all the emotions that life has,

Since karma can weigh your senses.

I quit the ladder, once I reached my inner peace,

Making room for other wandering souls,

Hunting for the undiluted ‘meaning of life.’

Thus, quenching my own inner-self;

That believes in the art of giving.

I planted those trees of kindness to give respite to the others;

Choosing to rest my chaotic-self underneath that tree; flowing with the flow.

While many misses out living, failing to give meaning to their lives,

I inhale tranquillity and calm; when others fight their unseen battles.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Those wild butterflies.
She loved her silken blue scarf and those butterflies,

They taught her to float in the winds of change.

Their warm company made her smile through the darkness.

She drew her strength from austere things.

Her heart was a valley of emotions;

It echoed unrestricted thoughts as if nectar!

Whether to get the feeling of being omnipotent, or gaining success over any goal….
They always comes to those,
Who never decrease their steps towards it

Dear Life

You have been very strange to me not because you have
different forms at different time and we cant comprehend your
version but whenever I think that I know you , you put me in
such a situation where I am forced to think again, do I even know you?
Some people say life is all about knowing yourself, but you can
know someone if the person is constant but its you who makes
me a dynamic person and so I have decided that its better to go
with the flow and learn rather knowing yourself.
Every time you squeeze me I strive hard to get over and that is
the moment I find a new me.
There was a time when I used mull over every fall of mine,
thinking it to be an end of my voyage but soon I got another
boat to sail. It took me while to realise that you are a cycle and
a bent in the road is not an end.
I had many complains and of course my list is not going to end,
but these complains show my weaknesses too. You squeeze
me to cut off the contents of this list and believe me crossing off
the list is one my favourite job. Today I look back and realise
that it was you who enriched me with many hurdles followed by
experiences and now along with stories, I too have
Nothing comes from you unalloyed so I have decided to be
ready always to be taught by you as the lessons you give make
me a human in real sense.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Importnace Of Life

We are in the substitute part of life
Where neither we are happy nor sad
This state of dilemma has ruined
Every single word has been blown through the wind… Longing for the unusual things
Has made the anxiety more higher
Running out of the valuable time
Has made us chase the lies more deeper…
All of the sudden breaking critical emotions
Has led the people to hung in depression
Still they are preparing for a valueless war
Where guns and bullets cannot be used so far….
Stay calm and learn the things
Then only you can face the challengers
Understand the importance of life
And then go out for the work of being scavenger…..

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Forgotten Kingdom

There was once a magnificent kingdom,
So righteous and regal.
The air so crisp and wholesome,
Skies clear, adorned with gliding sea gull!
Surrounding.. the ocean serenely drifts.
The hearts of those resides, pure as gold,
Genuine smiles, no space for rifts!
Greed was uncommon, so is told..
United, they braced their king!
Till one fine day a stranger arrived
Oozing fancy talks and things..
Spoke of how the world outside strived,
How life no longer sufficed in modesty!!
Eyes twinkled up,
Hearts experienced a new prodigy!
Then on they began to work nonstop..
Chopping trees to build factories!!
Competition overtook brotherhood,
Sleep no longer came with ease!
Against gasses skies withstood,
Nature crumpled along…….
Tribute to the forgotten kingdom
Where nature sang its harmonious song
And relationships were a prized prism!

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Feed Your Soul

Sell your soul, sell your mind
Sell everything inside.
Price it well, price it high
Price it so it’s hard to buy.

Show your heart, show your smile
Show you’re happy with life’s trial
Know your stuff, know your rights
Know you can reach bigger heights

Preserve yourself, set strong bars
Preserve it ’til you’ve reached the stars
Work hard, have ambition
Work ’til there’s no longer competition

Campaign well; let the world hear your mighty voice
Campaign hard to ensure the world is a place of rejoice
Pray for yourself and pray for this nation
Pray that God fulfills your aspiration

Celebrate your successes and also your failures
Celebrate the abundance of your Lord’s favours
Organise yourself, make the most of your time
Organise your day from morning ’til bedtime –
Face your fears, life’s too short to live in pain
Face your problems so there’s no reason to complain
Appreciate what you have, others have it worse
Appreciate that you’ve made it to this very verse
Sell your soul, sell your mind,
Sell everything inside.
Price it well, price it high
Price it so it’s hard to buy.

Life is difficult; only you know what you’re going through – but we can all use the same principles to lead a better, more fulfilling life.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Zindagi ke vision ko aur “Journey Of Life Poem In English” se sajaane ke lie aap humaare contact details pe send kar sakte hai. Aap sabke views leke hum aur bhi thoughts aap ke lie “famous poems about life journey” ko different presentation ke saath laayenge. Har idea aur emotion ko consideration karke uss awaaz ki khubsurati sab logo tak laana hi ruthaaashiq ka kaam hai.

Journey Of Life Poem In English

Writer:- Divyak Pratap Singh ( @_divyak.pratap_)

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