Top 5 Happiness Poem In English

Happiness poem in English humare whatsapp writing community me topic jab roll kar rahe the, tab humne discussion kiya ke Happiness definition sabke liye alag hoti hai. Humne Happiness English Quotes aur debates me aur bhi write up on Happiness padhe aur local people ke words me logo ke dil ki baat poochi.

Happiness Poem In English

Waqt aur umar ki priorities ka hisaab hoti hai happiness. Jis din kuch kami bhi nahi lagegi, shayad kuch paane ki khushi bhi kho denge. Kami hai aur toote hai, shayad wahi wajah hai khushi aa paa ri hai. Sabke Happiness for life words padhke life phases and experiences pata chalta hai.

Happiness Poem In English

Happiness is seeing an infant giggling with rejoicing,
When he gets a toy of his choice,
Happiness is getting recognition amongst the mass,
When a child comes first in the class,
Happiness is witnessing a picture with a name on notice board,
When a student gets the highest marks on boards,
Happiness is having the feeling of being a graduate,
When in college a person scores well be it in any state,
Happiness is receiving the first appointment letter,
When an individual strives to make life better,
Happiness is getting a promotion at the workplace,
When an employee moves ahead in the race,
Happiness is starting a new venture for the first time,
When an entrepreneur arises and has new peaks to climb,
Happiness means different to everyone at a different stage,
It’s just that who is on which page!!

Writer:- Smriti Malhotra

Happiness Poem In English

Happiness is an emotion
Subjected to various conditions
Imposed by you upon yourself
But ironically expecting them to be obliged by the other

One always strives to be glad
Yet he is sad
For he is basing his happiness on others
And thus One is distressed further.

For nothing makes him sad than expecting and giving someone the right to make him merry
When he acknowledges this fact and
Boards on the right ferry,
He enntangles himself from the illusion of happiness( that happiness comes from others )and lands on reality

Reality that he is his own source of happiness,
Reality that He is his own Santa and has his own magical power
Reality that he is blessed with abundant unconditional happiness
Reality that no one can take away his TREASURE HOUSE OF INFINITE HAPPINESS,


Happiness Poem In English

Reading bhi ek majedaar experience hai. Writer and reader ka apni dosti ho jaati hai. Writer share bhi kar leta hai aur reader usko paa bhi leta hai…Kabhi kabhi milte bhi nahi log aur writers poori society ke mindset ko mould kar dete hai. Reading and writing ke iss anokhe rishte ko blog ke digital platform me, Happiness Poem In English jab ruthaashiq pesh kar raha hai toh soch raha hai, alag alag reader alag alag socha raha hoga. Aur bhi write up hai, usaa padhe aur aap bhi bhi apne view and comments de…Happiness English Quotes;

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Happiness Poem In English

Dejected happiness…

Everyone loves, smile, scintillating happiness,
Why not?? It’s the ultimate gift, for a while,
But who does the society care for more?
A sorrowful soul, enacting to be in grief’s sour
Which could sustain never..

As said, a human has 4 faces,
A pseudo face, carrying along with the place like the dusk of sunset,
The true inner self and intentions are corrupted,
Rather gain sympathy,
Fake tears are erupted,
Such, downtrodden character,shall gain some love,at start,
Would eventually turn into cry,
For their disgraceful act,
For Society tends to faking tears,
Rejects the man truly happy,
Despite of the fact, a man with truthful smile ,from heart,
Would be truly happy even, the world takes a new start…


Happiness Poem In English


Its not just a single word,
Its full of emotion and absurd,
We live our life by chasing of this,
Through money ,fame ,and glorish,
We know its temporary and futile,
Still for happiness we want this while,
Spending time with a cup of tea
Best happiness ever for live safety,
Under blue skies ,sitting silent with seeing nature ,
Geting too inner happiness for ever,,
In our dreary days ,it helps to live cheerful with grace,
Many people are trying for getting this happiness,
But they sometime unable to find it in life and lastly miss,
Just searching this happiness within you ,
Cause always inner happiness comes from you,

Writer:- Jayashreesahoo

Happiness English Quotes

Happiness Poem In English

Happiness is the most worthy thing .
Happiness can be seen in wing of bee .
Happiness can be seen in thing of interest.
Happiness can seen in achievement .
Happiness can be seen even in small moment .
Happiness is in keep spread among other .
Happiness is to proud yourself in failure but not during success.

Writer:- Atul Kumar

Happiness Poem In English

Don’t hold on grudges for those who have wronged you. Life’s too short to squander your precious hours on a vengeance..
Just let it go.. Embrace your happiness, set yourself free & let karma play it all.

Writer:- Kajal Mittal

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