6 Low-Risk Investments With High Returns for Retirees


According to a survey conducted by the travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip, 6 low-risk investments with high returns for retirees are as follows:

Bonds serve two functions: mitigating the volatility of stocks and generating income.

1. Bonds

There are several ways to accomplish this, with credit quality and bond duration being important considerations in portfolio allocation.

In 2023, bank savings rates are on the upswing, thanks to high interest rates.

2. Certificates of deposit (CDs)

The same goes for certificates of deposit, where savings returns are at historically high levels.

Dividend-paying stocks can provide a steady stream of income for retirees.

3. Dividend-paying stocks

Preferred shares are a type of stock that typically pays a fixed dividend and has priority over common stock in the event of bankruptcy.

4. Preferred shares

High-yield savings accounts can provide a safe place to park your money while earning a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts.

5. High-yield savings accounts

Annuities are insurance products that can provide a guaranteed stream of income for life.

6. Annuities