Love Quotes in English

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Love Quotes In English

Shayaro ka blog hai magar zamaana Love Quotes in English ke trend par chal ri hai. Trend aur emotion naye pyaar ke saath chalte hai. Shabd ke libaaz hindi ke ho ya angrezi ke, jazbaato ki aag wahi hai. Loves quotes bole toh ek tarah se love shayari in English ho gayi. Aisa hi ek collection har baar ki tarah ruthaaashiq bheed me se laaya hai-

Love Quotes in English

Love Quotes in English

Love is the greatest of all human emotions. Indeed, he who has a girlfriend has one of life’s most precious possessions. However, keeping a girlfriend demands so, love shayari in english for girlfriend that you remain true and sensitive to her needs. Since you are the most cherished person in her life, your girl deserves your unrequited love and undivided attention.

A day that is void of your voice is to mean an incomplete one.
For with your voice comes the soul melting laughter which is all I need to have a great and happy day.
I hope mine makes you feel the same way.
I love you my Cherie.

Before I met you, I didn’t think love was for me.
It was something other people had and felt.
Something in movies and in TV shows.
It felt more like a wish I had than something real.
Now that I’m with you, love is so much more tangible.
It’s something I can reach out and touch.
It’s so much more than a wish or a hope (though it does give me hope, for so many things),
It’s the very real, wonderful person I wake up to.
The warm hand next to mine, the brush of hair against my cheek.
I love you and because of that love, I love so much more than you.
I love myself and the world in a way I never thought possible.
You’ve made that possible for me. You’ve made everything possible.

Love Quotes in English

Even when we know that nothing in this world is eternal,
I know deep down that you and I will live together till eternity.
I will love you forever, and I will never fall out of love with you.
I am always here to be your lover until the end of time.

Every day is a celebration of having you in my life.
I thank God for making it possible for us to cross the path right from the beginning because that was where my life gained so much impact on your love.
I can’t love you enough because you are a precious jewel in my world

Love Quotes in English

Everything you do…
The way you eat, the way you smile, the way my name rolls off of your tongue…
That all is what keeps me going.
It gives me so much joy to watch you be you.
I would never give my attention to anyone else because I love giving it to you.
The day when you were born, it was raining. Actually,
It wasn’t raining itself, but heaven was crying for losing the most beautiful angel!

I can create another odyssey describing my love for you.
You have such a profound influence in my life that I cannot erase the memories of you even if I live for a million years.
I am lucky to be part of your life. I will love you till my last breath!

Love Quotes in English

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having you in my life.
For helping me through the bad times and being there to help me celebrate the good times,
I cherish all of the moments that we share together.
There aren’t enough words in the dictionary for me to tell you how glad I am to have you in my life.
I am so lucky to have you by my side.
Everything you do for me never goes unnoticed.
I don’t know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you,
But I am eternally grateful to have your love, support, and affection.
Thank you for being you, and for having me by your side.

Life offers many choices to make, but loving you is the only thing I wish to do.
I want to spend my entire existence showing you how much you have impacted my life.
Hand-in-hand, I will prove to you that my life is better with you in it.
For the sake of your love, I am ready to face whatever it takes to make you smile at all times.
I will love you until I am no more because your love is my greatest wealth.

Love Quotes in English

Love is not something that you can express in words.
Love is something that is expressed by actions and felt with the heart.
I don’t know how much loved I make you feel but trust me, dear, you are the most precious thing in my life.
I love you!

My most beloved woman. Without you, I do not exist.
I need you and you alone to survive the storms of life.
You are such a perfect woman for me. I could barely meet someone better than you.
You’re the meaning of a great experience, and I can’t love you less.

Love Quotes in English

My world feels dark when you’re not here.
Even when I’m out under a cloudless sky, it feels like there’s a haze over everything.
Before you, the world was filled with so many lights, streetlights, stars, the moon, and the sun.
Now it feels like you are the brightest light in my life.
It would explain why I feel so warm around you, how you provide me with the energy and the strength to persevere through my darkest hours.
You also shine brilliantly enough that I know I’ll always be able to find my way back to you.

One paragraph is not enough for me to tell you just how much you mean to me.
It would take me thousands of pages to tell you just how much I love you.
If I spent the rest of eternity writing,
I still could not accurately portray how amazing you are and all of the reasons why I love you.

Love Quotes in English

Our love is something that is truly special and there is no other love like ours in the world.
I feel as if I have won the lottery with you, someone who is so special and magical,
Who makes my life and my world thousand times better just by being there.
When I look at you, I know that I have truly hit the jackpot.
All you have to do in order to warm my heart is to be the loving, caring person that you are.
Together, we can do so much and help each other realize our dreams because we truly have a love that is special.

Aapko Love quotes in english ache lage toh writer aur ruthaaashiq ke efforts pe comment jarur kijiye. Page ke end me love writer ki details hum jarur mention karte hai. Love status in english download kare share kare apne friends k saath aur whatsapp status for love se apna pyar zahir kare.

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Seeing you every day is a blessing because my heart bubbles with excitement when anything reminds me of you.
I am filled with great joy whenever the thought of you crosses my mind.
I do not understand why, but I can’t stop looking at you.
I admire your beauty a lot, and it is one thing that strikes me.
You own my heart, and I want your heart forever.

Sometimes when I look at the ocean or an especially large mountain range,
I feel overwhelmed and small but in a good way.
It’s comforting to know there’s something out there bigger than I am.
Something large and enduring that has lasted through the ages.
Through harsh weather, storms and droughts,
Through changes in history and climate,
The ocean keeps on rolling and the mountains keep on standing tall.
When I think of you and our love and how I feel about you,
I feel the same way. My love for you doesn’t make me feel small though,
It makes me feel powerful and new. I look at you and I know that I will love you forever,
Through storms and droughts, through all the changes that will undoubtedly come our way.
I will love you forever. There’s no changing that.

Love Quotes in English

The first day we met was the best day of my life.
I found the source of life, joy, and happiness.
You are my inspiration, and I love you beyond words can explain, baby.
I know that the world is waiting for our union.
It will be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Watching you walk across a room is the greatest gift.
The way you move is so graceful and easy.
The way you smile makes me feel at peace.
Knowing you’re walking towards me is a feeling so hard to describe.
It’s like coming home, a comfort, only the home is coming to me.
I will never know such love, such peace, as you. You’re my home.

Love Quotes in English

Whenever we are apart, have it in mind that you are always in my heart.
I take the memories we create with me everywhere I go.
I miss you, my love and I want you to know that gaining your appreciation is my most significant feat.

When I first saw you, I was attracted by your beautiful face and your charming smile.
But it was the beauty of your heart that I fell for.
I found an angel in you that is more amazing than what’s visible from outside.

Love Quotes in English

When you are around me, my world turns around,
And I feel your passion swell up inside my heart.
I love you because when I lose control of myself,
You pull closer. You are the sun in my sky, without you I’d be in darkness.
I will love you until there is no love left in the world.

Words may fail to express how much I love you but my deeds will never fail to show my love for you.
I loved you yesterday, love you today, and will love you until there’s no tomorrow!

Love Quotes in English

You are more beautiful than a summer sunset on the ocean horizon.
You are more breathtaking than the lush landscape on a mountain.
You shine brighter than the stars in the country sky.
You are more alluring than any song that was ever sung.
I had not seen what the real meaning of beauty was until I found you.

You are my match made in heaven.
There is never a second where you aren’t there to lift me up when I need you to.
I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with you in the beginning.
It has brought us to this beautiful point in our lives.
You are everything I could ever want in a woman.
I will never want anything or anyone else. That I can promise.

Love Quotes in English

You are the sunshine that fades all the darkness in my life.
You are my road to redemption.
I have never loved someone so deeply than you.
I love you more than I can say.
Nothing can ever change my love for you!

Your love attacked my body and melted my soul.
If ever two were one, then I plus you will be one.
Your love gives me more delight than a whole bag of gold.
I will love you forever.

Love Quotes in English

Your love makes my world glow.
It makes the sunrise, the winds to blow and the rain to fall.
This love is beautiful because even if the sun rises,
The wind blows and the rain falls on me,
My love will forever be yours.

Your love sneaked up sleeves.
Without any direction, it tiptoes gently, slowly and straight to my heart.
I never bargained for its dominant grip on my heart.
Now I’m helplessly under your control. You must be a magician because I don’t want to get your love off my heart.

Love Quotes in English

Your never-ending love was all I needed to make my dark world glow.
Your love is so fascinating because you gathered
And mended my broken heart together into one piece with your sweet love.
My purpose was undefined, but I am gingered to keep living. You gave my life meaning.
You loved me until I can stand to live another day. I love you, and I will always do, until the end of time.

You’ve lit a fire in me.
It’s a passion that grows with each passing day.
Just when I think I get used to my love for you,
You’ll do something small and amazing.
Maybe you’ll make me laugh, or say something so smart it makes me see the world in a new way,
And suddenly there it is again—that rush of emotion, of love,
That comes over me so swiftly it’s like a wildfire in my soul.
I hope you know how much you mean to me,
How much I love you,
And how excited I am to walk through this life with you.

Love Quotes in English

You’re my best friend.
The person I can tell all my secrets to,
The first person I want to talk to when I wake up,
And the last person I want to talk to before I drift off to sleep.
When something good happens to me,
You’re the first person I want to tell.
When I’m troubled by something or if I get bad news,
You’re the one I go to for comfort and support.
But you’re so much more to me than a friend,
You’re the love of my life. You’re my friend,
My lover, my comfort, and my strength.
I am so lucky to have you.
I just wanted you to know how happy I am to have you in my life.

Ye jo Love quotes in english hai ek tarah se Love shayari in English hai. I hope aapke dilko ye jarur chhookar gaye honge. Aise aur write up aap bhi hume bheje, aur hum writer community me aapke instagram handle ke saath sajaane ki mehnat karenge. Wese agar aap likho toh iss baar- love shayari in english for girlfriend bhejna, kyunki aajkal bahut majnu humse wesi shayari ki maang karte hai. Sabke emotion ko apne alfaaz jarur banaaye.

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