Self Talk Quotes In English

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Self Talk Quotes

Aksar kalakaar ki baate khudse hoti hai, aur self talk quotes🙄 me insaan ke gehre raaz hote hai.🤫 Human dimaag ke waja se  jitna shaktishaali jeev hai, usi ke waja se utna complicated bhi.🥴 Insaniyat ke itne saalo ki journey hai earth pe, magar kudrat ke karishme apna khel kar hi jaati hai.🧐 Ye dard ye nature ki samaj dete dete ab bhi research jaa ri hai aur rahega.🤬 self talk quotes yahi aapke sare problem ka soltuion hain.

Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes

Self talk quotes, self talk karna bahot zaroori hain, abhi tak na kiya ho to ek bar zaroor karna aapko satik illaj milega sari samsya ka. Apne aap se baat karke positive thoughts of life milenge.


Self Talk Quotes 

Khud se ki gayi baat hamesa mahefooz rahti hain to aapke gahare raaz bhi aapke dil ki tassali ke liye bol sakte ho ya fir kai baar hamare saath koi nahi hota jab hamare hamari khushi ya dard baatna ho to self talk quotes ek best option hain.

Title- I WANT 🌈💔

I want to hold you in my arms
Close enough to make you feel what you do to my heart ❣️
I want to take your hand and walk you through my dreams
Just to show you , just to prove you
That what I live for is you and me ….
I love you with all my heart and soul your are
And u will always be the one …
the only one FOR ME ✌️❤️
Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes


What They’ve Done, What You’ve Done,
But I Don’t Care For That Serious Fun.
What I Gotta Do, What I Wanna Be,
But It Doesn’t Matter For My Longer Run.
What I’m Doing Now, What I’ve Done Till Now,
It Will Lead Me A Bigger Crown.
What’re You Thinking Now, What You’re Asking Now,
But I Don’t Want Your Opinion.
Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes

 Title-MY SELF

I m talking to myself I hope I m listening!!
Asking for my pain! To heal me fast
Cause he is asking for my scars
I don’t wanna give them! Not again! Not again yeah I Know him! But I hardly know him!
M I understanding? Ohh! How would I! I was not even listening to myself!!! I was talking to myself! But I was quiet! Back then
I regret things! Things! I never did!!!!!!! Yeah yeah, I m going insane! . ……..nobody knows!! Cause I didn’t tell! But I still expect them to be known!!
I don’t even feel like trying! Things! I thought I would be dying!!!
Now things! Aren’t making sense!!! Never knew!! That it would end!! I pretend I know
 things! Things that don’t even exist!!!ohh man ohh, man!! I m going insa…
Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes

Sukh ki khoj anant hai aur anant kaal tak. Jo samja na paaye ya samaj na sake wo baat bas talking to Self Talk quotes bankar chap gayi. Dil ki baat jab dilme base logo na suni, hum dil wale toh sun le. Lekhak se reader ka safar ruthaaashiq ke saath tay kijiye. Ye baate aur sangarsh ek din positive thoughts of life ban jayegi.

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Surely am in love with success
Where the best hug is of achievements
 Moving and Moving with all my zeal
To prove them wrong
Who underestimated my power?
And make my parents proud
Who supported me all around
Moving and moving with all my zeal
Because I see My goals welcoming me
…. Surely am in love with success
And love is blind
and So is I in the love of success.
Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes

 Title-“I owe you “

How will I pay this priceless value of yours?
Not even can my little savings either in cash or in-kind can add up to your value.
Dear poetry industry for how long do I have to strive in order to cancel all the debts I owe you?
I have never come across any person on this earth who is as dynamic as you in crossing all borders of life.
In you lies so many expressions of the arts through blank verse, rhymed, free verse, epics, sonnet, ode, pastoral, ode haiku, etc.
Trying to pay back the big price slowly I am turning in a Soliloquy.
My mum in Chibolya sheds tears whilst making emotional solemns song without realisation that she is deeply taken in poetry.
Your description is really a perplexity complex in a way that people do practice you …
Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes

 Title-I will not miss you…..

Leave, I won’t feel sad
No teardrop will leave my eyes
Go where you are not going
Sweep your footprints outside
Is it really over? Finally
Take your roses in the vase
Close the door, the future is unwritten
I will not miss you.
Leave, I won’t feel sad
You’re taking my heart with you
No teardrop will leave my eyes
But inside I’ll still cry
Go where you are not going
I know your heart is staying
Please sweep your footprints outside
I’ll remember your beautiful feet
Is it really over?
Finally, my heart gets to break
Take your roses in the vase
I’ll be the only thing withering
Don’t close the door, the future is unwritten
We can change it now
I will not have to miss you
Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes

 Title-Tree of life

Kindness prevails of all the emotions that life has,
Since karma can weigh your senses.
I quit the ladder, once I reached my inner peace,
Making room for other wandering souls,
Hunting for the undiluted ‘meaning of life.’
Thus, quenching my own inner-self;
That believes in the art of giving.
I planted those trees of kindness to give respite to the others;
Choosing to rest my chaotic-self underneath that tree; flowing with the flow.
While many misses out living, failing to give meaning to their lives,
I inhale tranquillity and calm; when others fight their unseen battles.
Self Talk Quotes

Self Talk Quotes

positive thoughts of life, Humari baate dusro se karne me zindgi chali jaati hai aur hum khud khudki baato se unjaan reh jaate hai. Talking to yourself quotes pagalpan 👻sa lagta hai. Magar ye post me person ki real baate hoti hai. Toh aapke b koi self talk quotes hai, jo aap hum jaise ruthaaashiq ki gang👩‍❤️‍👩se kehna chaahte hai toh humaare contact details pe jarur bataaye.🥰


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