Reality Quotes In English

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reality quotes in english

Reading Reality Quotes in English unveils illusionary dreams and fake people influence on us.” Bhram tootega tab hi sachchai se waaqif honge. Jhoot se sach ki ore ka safar hamesha se mushkil raha hai…Man ki iss kash-ma-kash jahaan man ki expectations vs reality quotes ke bich me jhoolti rehti hai. Sach saamne ho magar dil maanta nahi. Beautiful mind game ko english poetry me humari guest post me bataya hai-

Reality Quotes  In English

Reality Quotes In English

Reality Quotes  In English

Reality quotes in english padh kar aap samaj sakte ho ki jo aap sochte ho kabhi kabhi sach nahi hota to usse samaj ke aage badhna jaroori hain.

Reality ruined my expectations

Going through a lot, it’s my second for prostration.
Vultures are awake, I’m hopeless six feet under
Less with white paws, Met with plenty of forgers
Stains on my mansion pens destruct-bin
Pensive-reflects in my eyes disturb me
I gleamed as a nightlight, I see them burning
Thy unblushing longs attained to serve me
Gossips in the open favored me fame
Falling for a plural time, make me wake.
Your indelible deeds misled me far
To a stay where I can be ‘only’ again.
Today I’m not felicitated with your presents
I have my eyes open but may not clock you
I have ‘mines’ not at all, it ain’t vital;
Pursuing my vision to stay true for you

Confusion: At War With Doubts

Confusions have bashed my confidence
I had trust in all, now it’s costing me
I’m sole with no console, no ease
No more blindfolds after sorrow caught me
I’m with no cover at war with doubts
Shots in the air, waiting for its touch
Dozens treat me like I’m a mess
It’s too dim here, take me to the closure
Pouring some souls out of my arm
I saw their shape with solemn malice
Days lost their warmth, time is too cold
I have no more wishes to dwell with shark alike
My joy relied on you, it’s now wild to me
Can’t attend your excuses, Opine I’m a stone-blind.
Can’t stay here anchored, anymore
I’m so disturbed with hazy clouds in my head of thine.
I’m too low deep; Deep it’s fainted
My beliefs swallow me, But I can’t swallow it
Fears ensue like a shadow, like my manners
Like a good fellow with a firm hold
You say, ‘You deserve something better’
I’m confused with a bunch of issues, ‘are these all that I deserve?’
With these unquiet silent, I lay in the basement
Want to give you back all these haunting givens
Set my house in order, want back all good old days
Take these Ado, Doubts, mental pictures
Your deeds; All were unaware
Before something happens, I want some gesture

Zindagi illusionary dream aur logo ke peeche waste ho jaati hai, tab jakar experience se reality quotes samaj aate hai…Apekshaao ne hamasha dukh hi diye hai. Murgi aur ande wala hisaab hai. Expect karte hai toh dard milta hai aur na kare toh jaise zindaa hi nahi.


I’m Gonna Love You Forever

Time goes by and tries to steal my mind
It’s like I’m caught chasing something, I just can’t seem to find
Try to tell me to enjoy the ride
Let this be the night decide, to fight the strife, alright
But life is long, I might be strong, tonight
So what happens as life goes on, even behind this rhyme
Tell me will I wake up, will I wake up with a dream
Or will I just wake up as time goes by
While your echoes are so sweet to bear
These tales will never give up the ghost
Time will pass on from a year to a hundred,
Yet you’ll live on inside my soul
Be with me, I don’t wanna lose sight of you
Take my hands evermore, I just wanna hold you
I just need you to shine like a diamond in me
Want our season divine with full of magic
In the bad hours, I’ll be your daydreams
I’ll flow you out of desolation, take it as a vow
I’ll get you all your wants, make me aware of it
A new whole world; I’m gonna love you forever
Nevertheless when you’re not at the hand of mine
 I care and will concern of you till my last hale
It was not a few hours, you ain’t with me anymore
Then and now, you’re my entire, I’m gonna love you forever


My living is well aloof to be fair!
My mind is off-color; I’m trying to pretend;
Want to paint the wall but it turns somber
My dreams are crumbled, enhance with rushing days.
Tons of questions in my head make me a mess of
Unpleasant muses, with some accuses I never guessed of
I want to come out, I’m sick inmost the hades,
Time don’t shy while lying, the time it’s for a face-down!
I sense myself grave; I’m not close to the cause.
Nobody feels concerned for me, I’m something to none
I forge bad decisions having shadows of maleficent
It’s not the manner of my life; Not to be felicitated!
I mind my own craft; I don’t glance at anyone
I don’t wish to settle my views in filters and seek justice
I inexplicably watched on all, you had few holes,
Then I came to standstill, today you think of and lore it
Voices in my head cry aloud; I don’t deserve it,
Truths’ aside hiding in the nook; Drop the curtains,
Roll the dice or roll your eyes; make a choice!
Ill mind causes me to wander; Touch my burdens.
I’m afraid of peaks; I need a therapy session,
My endeavor lapse out; I need flawless lessons
Guesses shift my mind frames alike seasons
Surprises never tempt me; I want valid reasons
I take chances, don’t want to endure advises
So dishonored, when I fall down in front of all
I have many flaws, have few absences I ain’t best
I’m a loser need some courage to confront them all
Waking up in a room locked with lost keys
I did to don’t disturb you as you avoid me
Stay afar, don’t put any expects on me
In the middle of a fair, I’m just an ill-mind lost kid.


Gyaan badhakar baat wahi reh jayegi. Bas jo shabd se accept kar sako, jo samaj se khel kar sako bas wahi Reality quotes in English ban jayenge. Man ko samaadhaan milne tak english literature aur poem me man ki jhooj, writer ne bakhoobi bataai hai. Aap bhi apne dil aur dimag ka khel hume write for us section me jarur bheje.

Writer:-  Amrit Singh

Instagram:- steezing_merlin

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