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English Quotes

Ruthaaashiq ko emotions, English Quotes aur Free verse poetry ke form me bhi aa rahi hai. Dil se dil tak le jaaye har alfaaz ko connect karna humari kartavya hai. English Quotes aur usme aam aadmi ke feelings ka combination- humari writer community se aaya hai.

English Quotes

Bhai, dosti, pehla pyaar aur hostel ki baato ko creatively English Quotes form me bataya hai. Shabd angrezi mijaaj ke hai magar emotions wahi hai.


English Quotes

English quotes jo kuchh jyada logic nahi pr feeling ke saath ho bs usse samjane vala chahiye.

Dreamworld – English Quotes

Har koi bachpan me imaginery world create karta hai. Dreamworld English Quotes padhte hai toh hum bhi apni ek duniya jarur soch lete hai. 

English Quotes
Take me to the world
Where everything thing will be so light,
No worry, no burden, and no fight.
Where I will be the only mine,
And everything will be so fine.
Where I and my partner can sit on the roof at night,
And see the stars which will be so bright.
Where loyal people exist and fake one goes out,
No misunderstandings and everything will be sorted out.

Friendship – English Quotes

Friendship English quotes jab hum padhte hai, bachpana apenaap aa jaata hai. Wo dosti hi kya jo aur zinda na kar de. Kehte hai, jinke dost jyada ho unhe dil ki bimari kam hoti hai. Dil ke aise ache kisse friendship images aur friends poem ko padh padh kar khudki umar badhaa leni chahiye…

English Quotes
Friendship is not just a word,
It is a feeling which can’t be described in a word.
Real friendship doesn’t mean messaging nd calling at least once in a day or two days,
It’s all about meeting after a very long time and recalling all those unforgettable and golden days.
Irritating each other in the worst situation gives relief to the heart,
I miss you and will always love you from the soft corner of the heart.
Every time I think of you, every time I miss those days which we have spent together.
Those never-ending talks, those unforgettable memories, and the best ones were hanging out together.
No one will ever take your place in my heart and in my life,
Because if anyone did this you will gonna kill him or her as you are a sharp knife.
Doing nonsense stuff with you and a five-minute laugh with you,
Always make my day happy and you yes you I am warning you.
Shit. Always stay the same and Don’t dare to leave me coz you are mine,
I have never thought that those dumbest people in the world, one day will become my shine…

Brother – English Quotes

Bhai behen ki masti aur maaraamaari ki baate har ghar me mashoor hai. JItna ladhaaaku hai ye relationship utna hi protective bhi. Brother sister love quotes ki wo baatein iss poetry ki lines me twist and turns me bataayi hai

English Quotes
Brother is the best gift from God for every sister.
Brother is the second safest place for a girl after father.
A girl can share everything with her brother without any fear.
Like what she did, how was her day, and who is her dear.
A brother will always give the best and the safest advice to his sister although it might look bitter.
But he will always save his sister and make her strong and make her know that who is better.
Some brothers act like they don’t care for their sisters and fight a lot with them.
But when anyone says any bad word for their sister, they will fight with their parents too without any shame.
If there is any best relationship in the world then it is only a brother and sister relationship.
They truly love each other but they do not show it to anyone it is not easy to understand but it is truly the best relationship.

Hostel days – English Quotes

Dosti aur bhai behen ka pyaar, ghar ki boundary ke andar ki baate hai. Life jab ghar ke bahar hoti hai toh jeeevan ka rukh kuch aur hota hai. Kuch baate achi lagti hai aur kcuh duniyadaari sikhaa jaati hai.

English Quotes
Going to hostel from home is the worst,
but being in the hostel with the funniest roomies is the best.
On the next morning, some were with the buckets and some with toothbrushes,
standing in a line, waiting for their turn. And time runs
Like hell. The first day of a new school for us was like this world for a new born child,
some teachers were cute some were nice but the oldies were so riled.
Daring was bunking the lectures with the besties,
then walking on the street or eating in the canteens.
Everyone was eagerly waiting for the weekend holiday,
So that one can sleep as much as they want as they can’t do it every day.
Now the hostel mates become a second family,
Everyone could understand or handle each other very nicely.
Those were the golden days with happiness and pain,
I wish I could live those golden days again

First love – English Quotes

English poetry wali ye post ko pyaar ke oopar hum khatam karenge. Ghar se bahaar aaye hai toh ek ishqwala love toh banta hai. Love quotes ho ya love poem, thoda blush, thoda dard aur mixed emotions ka bhandaar hai ye pehla pyaar.

English Quotes
First love never let us sleep properly,
It makes us the craziest person from the normal one perfectly.
Every time our heart beats faster when we look at each other,
And start praying to our God for keeping us together.
The best was late night talks and sharing our past memories,
And start planning for our future so that we can create more memories.
The very first meeting gives relief to the heart,
But when the time runs like rabbit,then it is not really accepted by heart.

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