Best Quotes About Life In English

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Besy quotes about life in english

Zindagi best ho na ho, best quotes about life in english ke status aapko har kisi ke story me dikh jayenge. Lessons learned in life ka jo gyaan hai, wo kitaab me aur padhai me nahi aata. Zindgi khud sikhati hai jo usae sikhaana hai.

Best Quotes About Life In English
Status aur poem ki duniya jo philosophy sikhaa sakti hai, wo gyan bahut badaa hota h…Zindgi ke safar ka nichod shayad truck k peeche k kahavat me aur dard se sikhne milti hai..Inspirational life lesson quotes, English Quotes shayari aur poetries hi insaan ko jeene ki raah bataati hain.

Best Quotes About Life In English

kai kai baar esa hota hain ki hame jo hamari school ya colleges nahi sikha pati voh hame hamari zindagi ka ek chhota lamha sikha deta hain so never underestimate ” lessons learned in life quotes ” ya fir ” life lesson quotes “.

Seeking hardships,
Seeking poison,
I kept patient proving myself…
Seeking questions,
Seeking proofs,
I kept answering myself…
Seeking rules,
Seeking laws,
I kept following myself…
Trying to be a good choice,
Trying to fit into everything,
I kept trying to change myself…
Opened to him,
Opened to his choice,
I closed myself…
I stopped to get accepted,
I stopped to expect,
Now I accepted and expected all by myself…
Best Quotes About Life In English
Writer:- Priyanka Pandya
Instagram:- poetpriyu
Lately, I’ve had so many sleepless nights. 
Wondering if anything I’ll ever be right.
Indebted to the evil thoughts in my head.
Thinking about it all day and night.
Embedded, leaving my soul severed.
Don’t know where I’m headed. 
Taking a toll, my dreams shredded.
Best Quotes About Life In English
It’s something I’m always tryna stay ahead of.
Everything I’ve achieved is never how I left it. 
Always acting so desperate.
Tryna atone for my sins.
Write these lyrics like a tome,  I pour my soul within it.
Don’t ever want to do what I’m told.
With all these writings, I don’t know if I’ll ever finish. 
They say that it takes a village to raise it.
Before that spark starts to diminish.
But I know I gotta do it on my own before I attempt to create. 
Best Quotes About Life In English
It’s never been the way I was raised.
That made me who I live as today.
My mental state has deteriorated.
Socially, I’m feeling alienated.
Stick to slaying with pen and paper.
A space cadet, a product meant for somebody else’s entertainment.
Confidence left to rot in the basement.
Been through a lot, just to be shot in the back.
Best Quotes About Life In English
By those, I called family.
Left me damaged, the things I felt were like a heart attack.
Affection is something I’ve been craving.
I used to want to take all that anger back.
But know that I’m back on the pavement.
Constantly having to adjust to difficult situations. 
And I promise those that I hate that I’ll make it. 
Funny how the thought of it makes me laugh.
Best Quotes About Life In English
But I hate how when someone looks at me, they’re taken aback.
Distant in the way that they act.
Feeling like a monster locked in a cage.
Left out in the dark for days.
Nothing but an outsider.
People crying out ” he should get fired’.
That I’m nothing but tone-deaf.
An adept liar.
Best Quotes About Life In English
Truth gets obscured like a wet tire.
If you say negative anything about me.
You better duck, of getting, lit on fire.
I’m not a cynical individual.
Just tryna use my brain as a spindle.
Weaving these words, just so I can try to rekindle.
Best Quotes About Life In English
The thought that we as individuals.
Shouldn’t be so fucking critical.
Of other’s opinions.
Or judge people for being atypical.
Being different is critical.
To create change.
But, most that can are on the streets begging for change.
And when they get that outta the way.
They get told to just stay in their lane.
To just keep staying the same.
Best Quotes About Life In English
But the beat of a butterfly’s wing can do just the same.
Rearranged the negative in the most positive ways.
Creating a wave of Incredible days.
But it can also lead so many astray.
The weight of benevolence weighs heavy on elegance.
Our world is broken. 
And I am the evidence.
One of the millions, there really ain’t no contesting it.
I will no longer be somebody you should be messing with.
Best Quotes About Life In English
I swear I will spit until I get cremated.
Leave the whole game decimated.
Elevated the game.
And I ain’t trying for greatness.
My aim is just to be alive.
And Vying for the destruction of sameness.
Best Quotes About Life In English

Writer:- Amrit Singh

Instagram:- @steezing_merlin

Sequence of time ke baad humari soch aur attitude badal jaata hai. Jo kal sahi lagta hai usme bade hote hote badlaav aa jaata hai. Yahi life poetry aur good quotes about life bante hai..Best quotes about life in english humne jab padhi toh socha, har ek kalam me, bhaasha me, shabd me ek view hai. Aap bhi iss topic ke liye comment karein aur apni awaaz humare whatsapp/instagram contact pe jarur bheje.

Everybody makes mistakes it’s in human blood. I used this as an excuse for my foolish doings.
Those doings made me pay their consequences but never in this amount. 
I messed up big time that I can’t even ask for forgiveness because it’s too late. 
Too late that even admitting I messed up is pointless. 
I was given millions of chances to make up for my foolishness and my delusional mind but now it’s all gone, and I , I don’t know if I’ll be able to live with this painful guilt hidden in my heart. 
I never got to say it but I am sorry, not that it matters. 
Best Quotes About Life In English

Writer:- Navin Bharadwaj

Telegram Channel:- All in one book 📚 group
Writers ne jo kehna chaaha hai, I hope aap logo k dil me b ye baat basi hogi. Aapke apne Best Quotes About Life In English hume jarur bheje taaki hum, zindgi ka ek aur paasa dekh sake aur blog se aapki baate aap logo tak pahuchaate rahe.
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