Confused Love Quotes In English With Images

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Confused love quotes in english

Love has never been simple for anyone. Every lover goes needs confused love quotes in english to share their emotion with their love. Artists are also famous for Suppressed emotion I’m their soulful and secret emotion poetry. They have words for buried emotions that are deep inside the heart. Sometimes the dark inside, sometimes a beautiful too. Such confused love diaries, we have brought from the crowd for you. The moods get a beautiful swing with poetic swings. Do read to connect to your love story with loveful words, glittered heartily.

Confused Love Quotes In English With Images

Confused Love Quotes In English

In the era of modernisation and sucess
We lack in terms of deforestation and humanity.
The success we had have no value.
If we are not there to enjoy it later.
In the era of betrayal, heartbreaking and cheating
True love still exist within us without any material need.
Even if we were hurt by that
We don’t want others to get hurt by doing so
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
Don’t trust anyone
Coz nobody is real
The real is the gems
Which are rare to be found
Choose the true one
Or you will die in emptiness and heartbroken
It’s big in size,
It’s pearl-like white.
It’s fade with time,
And come back again full and fine.
It shines like the sun at night,
It has holes in it.
It listens to our cries,
It’s there in the sky.
It’s the moon and it’s light,
To make us shine in the dark with it’s light.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
 Believe it or not
The day we spend together were the best for me.
I wish you were here with me forever
But you left me which is hard to believe.
Believe your heart even if you don’t want to.
Coz it will never tell you to lie
I wish you were here with me now.
As I can make you believe.
Believe the love you felt for me
It was pure from your soul for my soul.
I wish you were here with me.
But I am always with you in your beliefs.
Believe the destination we have together.
No one knows the path to reach it or the hurdles to cross.
But I wish you were with me.
But I know you are with me even if not in a physical way but on the spiritual level and we will reach our goal, I believe.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
The love I did was from the soul
But it meant nothing to you
Only my body was seen
And was used
The promises that were made
We’re just fake
The care that you showed
We’re just a show you put on
The sweet talks you did
Was just for time pass
The time we spend together loving each other
Was just for your fun and enjoyment.
Love that meant nothing to you
The love I did was from the soul,
But it meant nothing,
Only my body was seen,
And was used.
The promise that was made,
Were just fake.
The care that you showered,
Were just a show you put on.
The sweet talks that you did,
Was just for your time pass.
The time we spent together loving each other,
Was meant just for your fun and entertainment.
The love I did,
Meant nothing to you.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
The day I meet you,
Was the best gift of my life.
The day you became my friend,
Has the best thing ever happened to me?
The day you accepted my love,
Has the best wish come true to me?
The day we made our vows to each other,
Is the best day of my life.
The day we had  a little pair of hands with us,
Is the best blessing from God.
The day we part our ways,
Is the last day of our lives.
I can feel u even u are away from me
I know you coz you are the better half of me..
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
The day she loved him,
She gave her body and soul to him.
The day she lose her innocence,
He left her in the bed alone.
The feeling of being used,
Run down her spines.
The thought of true love,
Fade away like a dream.
The world who once appreciate her,
Now curse her as a slut.
The one who said to be forever with her,
Is now gone forever.
The innocence she lost,
Gave her the power to be strong.
The pain she went through,
Made her the new queen.
The girl she was before,
Now is a ruthless queen you will never meet again,
A betrayal never hurts a body,
It hurts the soul.
The love we say is true,
Is done by the soul to a soul.
The power we have is not determined by the body shape and size,
It’s determined by the power of the soul.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
Even if you want to bad mouth about me
I will always have good wishes for you
Even if you hurt me
I will always love you
Even if you drag me down
I will always be the steps for you to climb up.
Even if you left me
I am always there with you like a shadow.
I wish you everything
That you never gave me once.
 I might have said
That I moved on you
Don’t love you anymore
Or don’t want to see you
I can never move on you
I always loved you and will do till the end
I can’t stand not seeing you
I want to see you all my life
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
I am an old soul,
Who knows the flaws and odds.
The power of my soul,
Is not expressable.
The love it received,
Will cherish it forever.
The hatred it received,
Will forgive them always.
My soul is the old gem,
You will never find it again.
If you broke it,
It will never be with you again.
The past we shared
Is like a tale to remember
The present we had
Is like a war to fight
In the future, we will see
Has a dream come true
The time we are together
Will never be forgotten
The night we shared
Will always be my favorite
The love we have
Is immortal in the world
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
You are like the moon
Who brightens up my world
During the darkest nights.
Who showers his moonlight
Upon me to make me
Blessed and happy again.
You are like the stars in the sky
Who dazzle the sky with it’s twinkling
And I am the moon in the sky
Who brighten ups the sky
We both form the night sky
Beautiful and mesmerizing sky.
We light up in the darkness
And glitters up the sky.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
If you forget me
It’s a blessing for me too
Coz I don’t want to see you
Ignore me knowingly
I wish that I could forget you too
So that I can do live my life happily
And will think of you as a past
And will realize that you were a
A bad dream for me
Let’s just forget about each other
And stay as strangers
It’s best for both of us.
Bye forever.
U messed up
So clean up
Coz I tried
But you denied
Now it’s your turn
To do this one
Let the truth surface
Convey your feelings always
Let them pass by
Just see the truth in me.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
 Love knocks on my Door every night
To let it in for the warmth it needs
To embrace it like a dear.
To care it like a flower
To hug it like a teddy
To smile at it like a child
To feel it like a blessing
To stay in it like a home
I don’t love you
Because I love the soul in you
I don’t love your looks
But your nature
I don’t love your figure
But your purity
I don’t love your status
I love the one who you are.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
My only wish is
To be in love with you
To have a future with you
To fight with you like a married couple
To care for you like a mother
To help you as a friend
To make your favorite food
to make you smile like a child
To love you my own soul
To have a happy family with you
To have 1 boy and 2 girls with you
To live happily ever
after with my family.
 I wait for you as if I’m waiting for
My happiness to come back to me
To come and hold onto me
I was waiting for you like
A home waiting for it’s
Owner to come and stay in it forever
With love and happiness
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
Do not visit me
If you are just coming to see,
If I am alive or dead.
If you only want to,
Pass the time.
If you want to,
Use me for fun again
If you love me and me only,
Then only come back,
Otherwise don’t.
During my darkest days,
You were like bright sunshine to me.
The care you showered on me,
Makes me adore you more.
The time we spend together,
Makes me feel my dream come true.
You may just do it for courtesy,
But my heart accepts it as your love.
You were the one who always protects me,
Which makes me feel like your one and only.
You are a bright star in the sky,
But I want you to be the only star in my eyes.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
Even if I want you to love me you don’t
Want you to look at me but you don’t
Wants to be with you but can’t
Want to hug you but can’t
But will be there whenever you need me And would search for me ,
To hug, to look and to love me.
Settle on me
Rest your soul and mind on me
Let me help you to get through it
So that you will be at ease
And have a night full of peace
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
 Love is a thing u can’t force it on anyone including yourself.
If you truly love someone then you should let that person be happy with his/her decision and be happy in his/her happiness and sad in his sadness and would never leave his side.
Take care of him staying in the dark without him realizing your presence…
When you are home with me
I feel the happiness in me
The time stops by
The moment feels high
The passion fires up
The love glows on
As we are together now
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
When loves stays longer than expected
 feels as if I am dreaming it
It feels so blissful to believe it
It feels as if my wish has come true
It feels the universe has rewarded me
For my hard work and patience.
I will meet you halfway
Where there is only love
No caste, no creed, no gender,
No color, no status, no religion.
But only ourselves
Where there is only our soul
And our hearts.
Confused Love Quotes In English With Images
Fill my glass
Your love for me
The passion of having me
The caring words for me
Your desires about me
Overflow it with everything
you’ve got for me
Dear Old Love,
Do you remember the first time we meet?
Have you kept the gift I gave you?
Do you still cry in the dark?
Have you ever missed me?
You were very special to me.
I have always been spying on you.
But I will never forget the things you did to me
I still love you
But will never make the first move
I wish you have a good life
I wish we should be together in the near future.
 Confused Love Quotes In English With Images

If words are for love, they need to be confused love quotes. Awful and beautiful words are just an imagination. The real love story has ruthi story. Yes, no, and maybe are the beautiful parts of love. Do let us know your love lines to express your expression.

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