Cool Free Verse Poetry In English

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Cool free verse poetry in english

Free verse poetry is basically poetry in form, There no specific poetic theme, grammar structure, or phonetic or rhyme scheme to make poetry. It simply pours out the art of an artist with only one component that is creativity. As a reader, you will enjoy the taste of deep English, a remarkable grip over the language, and deep play that will make you grab your English dictionary and dig around your passion for vocabulary and English grammar. 

Cool Free Verse Poetry In English


Scrawling for free verse English poems from the crowd, we are presenting a few English poetry collections from writers, pursuing masters in English literature. After all Ruthaaashiq focuses to present every feeling, every art form as every art is ashiq in itself and every art is rutha somewhere, where he transformed it into an art form.


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Cool Free Verse Poetry In English

Taming – (Tame)

to bring something wild under your control; to make something tame.
Born a daughter 
Never  could see light
she is fated so and culture be it
Nothing’s at her reach
gadgets never at all
they say used too much 
locked under control 
gain it once in life. 
To order your Mom 
listen to your Dad
Never could in mom’s eyes 
could drape yourself 
in your desires. 
Never could I. 
None of your parents 
could leave you with your own decisions 
Until they feel so. 
U feel the frustration of life
Too bad feels on life
Sometimes been praying 
what if it just finished off. 


Sprouted through a biological programming
a girl defined her be
A child so small to know above her age
Age of innocence and unknowns.
Years crossing  changed her to maturity
For the formation of single identity
Differential of likes and dislikes
Dreamt of heights
Heights she saw herself
Into happiness and self responsible
History to travelling, Exploration to research
Dreams could touch skies
Picturised her future how she could be
Dreams could be something whichever
On our gender and patriarchs could tear off
The pricking words that rewrite our identity
Where someone earlier defined and proved with theorem
marks are the only vehicle could reach you
to your destined points.
Starting their works of pressure and mocking
Defined their children to be loser
Comparison, the greatest viruses ever
Charging minds with jealousy
The worst batteries ever charged
Forces their children to lead their paths
with their rules that children mind fully hate
Children are to be hated if they din follow
Those are to be followed.
Working toiled as robots
Good for energy they say
Destroyed their talents
Their identity
Everything wished for
Made them believe
pre frontal cortex never existed
No sixth sense of thinking.
Just blabbermouth of forced works
Stagnate habits believed or forced to be.


A journey, especially a long or meandering one.
Jovial juvenile lass
A sudden accident step down
and yet woken up
Consort the world nor lights being the witness
god as the sole witness
prance for the seashore
the shape of time
naked with short lines on board
her bank she left her daddy
somersaulted to the womb back
being into the ship backward
to the origin of fall from the perimeter of sufferance.
Pandrophobic neither  Androphobic
journey of joyfulness
open the gate wide garden of Eden
stepped see joy freedom and love happiness
of an unboundedness
express yourself to the need that the journey takes your ship
reaches  your point; end of the journey
Knowing He
know she isn’t a company in the game
that Mr. He calls lonesome
for neither is to be punished
wrong she knows placed own game
her game of happiness
ask to no one can she
It’s her personal identity.
She’s all alone
Freed from stress
she’s not traditional and religious personally
she leaves her tresses open
and cut her hair short
Fall to the musical beat
no one stops
this transformation is a journey,
the journey of hopeful waiting
Struggling to gain a single identity
from submissive to dominion
one has been at doormat sleep
such dolorous contemplation
and cry baby is no more.
Things improved when she pilfered
the thoughts of these dominant
They need worthless thought
of bubbly bookish knowledge. 

Beauty unassessed

Born thy in creativity
Nurtured a beauty never sighted
Cute baby too playful
Gifting with unexpected
Eyes with the tint of brown
And a heart injected of love and care
Tresses to thick and strong
Silky softness throughout
The resemblance of comparison unknown
Cleopatra who attracted Caeser or Antony
Paris who eloped with Helen
Or Even a Sati Devi for Siva
Never known her volume of beauty
To be gazed at
Beauty thy name is Mother Earth!


The state of feeling bored.
Early morning in the bed
Early night to bed
Between lies the story
of stillness and stagnance
a thought of mind
Been inside for weeks
just to leave this stagnant mood
wearing the mask of bookworms
for the sake of the so-called exams
diverted its way to far away
due to an uninvited guest
totally dangerous giant
with a feel of touch
could kill anyone
something like robotic
without emotions
quest for something interesting
nothing rather
the entertainment box either
could prove to be laughing back
either food or friends could bring
happiness while online.
Just the learning mode
With force push off the day
totally mind is set to madness
the mind couldn’t let sleep the day off.
Some songs little been to help
Taking to some world.
There’s a ray of light
bringing peace
that brightness
ward off the darkest moments
without knowing how hungry been


Age so young the youth be called
age of education
where she learned studies can gain
only you identify
the people needn’t know anything
but how you excel
she is taught to be so
to make her independent financially
but primarily educated through books and marks
believed or made to be so
contents she learned is truth
Never known them
could just an interpretation it be
like her brains are used to
those methods of listening
lacking disruptive thinking
the educational board said
qualified graduates and students
in flying colors were they
proudest moments to people
she could be the future’s expectations
She is passive mode could see
the sight of mind
has traveled through darkness
Dreams in name only
was on rent in the house called earth
underneath some people, she named be the guardian
Once asked of it on will
it’s not the way of better living they advised
Settlement through studies is better for a girl
Her marks are her identity
Nothing’s wanted to be valued else
no college no workplace
minding our own business
Fears they face that could lose another
Been silent years long
move as the world takes us
competing for the confronters
Self-thoughts rose to a peak
money minded business-minded beasts.


Descended from the slides downwards
Sprouted in a vast garden
Grown enough to smear lightness
With bloomed petals too colorful
Like Potter born at the doorstep of the Dursleys
Acquaint with many of choice
That’s not you have more
A friend you trust the more you will
Your soul may be.
Decision makes you
The right for your mind
Thoughts are so kind
Forward you go.
Never fear of any
For your freedom n’er be judged
But criticized be they.
Stay strong you win
Trust yourself is not your sin
Remain your kin
Through your life
Disgrace may face
Jump the pace
The point you reach
The tip of your success destination.


Life has become an utter flop.
Been a student of a “cultured” society
tortured to squeeze out great bookworms
patriarch ghost surrounded
for a girl to live with sadness.
You are fully negative with a zero seal.
A girl you are born,
restricted to the extension of their reach.
Never created an exposure life
not suitable for a girl it never ever
could be just “graduate” in the so-called study materials.
Mad turned us to such a rust life.
just like a drug-addicted mind
Never widened mind to the Self
They being mistakes of the immatured
with nevertheless a standard.
Judged with a strong cultural background
on our thoughts and actions
Even to the dress, we wear and cosmetics we apply.
A donkey for its master do be a great fool
what are we after it to be found
nothing but a something blank
Never confident in approaching
distancing all never used to. 
Silenced Struggled
Another year has passed with silence
Criticized is she for her deeds
Those deeds unliked by her parents
Who couldn’t understand her depth of love
Towards what she like
Dress, academic, dreams all floating above
Couldn’t be conceived into the river called heart
Useless maiden has been she these many years
With those so-called “the other” objects
Which could bring a smile over her
Now just could cry where she drags herself
To introversion
None she feels around could  easily narrate
The long story of her heart
That could be insane, impractical and of course the worst also immaturity alongside
Someone judges to be good for nothing useless lass
She created a hatred to all in her eyes
She just likes seriously happy
With that book
Always reading and studying
and early creating a great wall of future
Strong and firm and never could destroy
She feels tamed when she is never sociable
Just be a smiling face to those who converse with
Unknown of what to speak
Confused about what to choose. 

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