50+ Famous Philosophy Quotes In English

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Famous philosophy quotes in english

Famous Philosophy Quotes In English on reality. With a lot of pains, we get to experience, and with a lot of experience, we learn a new philosophy. Presenting Deep Quotes from the deep chamber of Team Ruthaaashiq itself. With learning, we write, and with writing, we learn more. A lesson that makes our life is the best philosophy in life. Some words are motivational whereas some are beyond which inspires! 

50+ Famous Philosophy Quotes In English

Moving with hardships sometimes we loose on people and the team but what we get is the lesson of life. Once we have these lessons in life, we make a good team. Around all these, reading and sharing experience we grow older than we are. In this platform, we want you to open emotions and be the recipient of knowledge.


Famous Philosophy Quotes In English

” Man test love and accepts hatred faster,

But he has to learn to accept love and test why there is hatred …”

” It took a whole of me, to know me…”

” It is the loneliness around, and we think it’s love…”

” Success is not popular, foolishness is…”

” We can’t learn to love- love happens…We have to learn to express…”

” In the rule of own self-discipline…your rules tagged them bad…”

” We don’t have to adjust love…

we adjust coz we love…”

” If u don’t expect from each other, you are hopeless…”

” Yes, I desire, I expect, I rebel… That is life…”

” Flaw beautifies and love completes…”

” We all are broken jigsaw, we have to join hands to make the puzzle…”

” Acceptance is state enlightenment, but I not enlightened- I am alive…”

” If it is a defect, it is just not meant to be…”

” There is no structure to the noise of heart…”

” If he has to paint, the colors were always premium…”

” He cannot understand the value of my daily sketch…”

” Hope is a change, a change is a hope…”

” It’s all about that one door, that needs to be unlocked for our life…”

” Where everyone was searching for love in crowds, I accepted my loneliness…”

” The sparkle of luxury was so lightful,

The selfie was nice and the self was lost…”

” You cannot avoid some relationship in life, but u can avoid their shit…”

” Test to enhance the spark, 

Don’t keep testing tio kill spark…”

” Don’t adjust daily…

Noticeable is always something rare…”

” Life is like see-saw…The more ready you are to get down, your partner can flourish.   …”

” The existence is already there, it is not seeking ur consent…It in itself possesses you & can’t reject u…..”

” If you are fighting with logic, there could be some end…”

” If you are fighting is personified, it’s a loop…”

” Don’t run, heal the past…

Don’t stress, live the present…

Don’t hold, affirm for your future…”

” If you seek him, he can show up…”

” If you have a show, you have to interview to seek…”

” If you don’t know, 

say you don’t know…Or you try to guess….Or

You explore …


Don’t say it doesn’t exist…”

” Emptiness is the most filled feeling…

Once you empty that feeling…Alot.more can be filled in it…”

 ” If you feel to rectify the other person…”

” You can be a good critic…

But if feel to complete the person…

You are in a relationship…”

” It’s good to miss some mistakes…

It can be a good to take at times…”

” Experience the infinite…The problem is you want to trap it…”

” If you are sitting in a crowd, and no one is listening to you, you can’t be a leader…”

” If you are listening and acting as per them, it is necessary at least you win them…”

” Gobang yourself, but don’t forget to stand back…”

” If you don’t feel each other, I don’t think you have a team…”

” If the other person doesn’t feel, they own you…

You don’t own them either…”

” The world is full of names and tags…

If you really own one – you win…”

” You yourself are lefty or righty…

if your right is not taking efforts – the left will have to move ahead…”

” Your name is tagged to her, you owe her before you own her…”

” If you care- you serve…

if you want to show you care- you donate..”.

” TO one those are far and separate, they know the efforts to hug someone…

To the one those are holding under a roof, they will fight to be separated…”

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” If you want to show a smile, they will poke sorrows…

If you want to smile, you will avoid those who poke your sorrows…”

” If survival is the only thing – people in a concentration camp to survive…

You have heart, house, nation – if you are able to dream …”

” If the skilled crowd fails, find a good leader…”

” If you can’t reform politics, create your own reform house…”

” To lead someone, you need to touch his goal…”

” Yes, you deserve hatred, but I am not training myself for that…”

” I choose people with failure, they know to fix the broken…”

” Don’t try to happen to life, let life happen to you…”

” From hope to hopeless,

From love to loveless,

From life to lifeless, 

It was a loop,

You were yourself and me selfless…”

” If you are growing – it’s a routine…

Otherwise, it’s a loop…”

” When I feel lazy – I knock the doors…

To let myself learn – no one actually helps…”

” Two people are dangerous in this world- one who lack self-love and who is self-obsessed…”

” If you think – you are not the reason for your sorrow…

Start laughing – there is something in making…”

” If you want to claim life…

Clam down and reconcile…”

” You lose your civilians, the day you grade them down, by grading up -“the underserved”.

” If the leader and overlooks a couple of people,

He gives birth to one more opposition…”

” It is the goodness that gets tested…

The bad gets instant reaction…”

” Where words are wrappers, catch the vibe…”

” You cannot bestow any relationship, not even enmity without trust…”

” I listen to critics, but I don’t listen to those who speak only critics…”

” If the king pampers the wrong, the right will begin to make its the kingdom…”

” To wish for specific things is rejection for the existing…”

” Before you polish a role, you need to assign that role…”

” The biggest ignorance prevailing today is- before we could have, we have a list of what not to have…”

” The truth is, you will be able to sell everything for money and power…

But can’t buy everything with it…”

” A biased kingdom has 2 kings, one with a name and one to lead…”

” I will choose poison instead of a half trust or half relationship…”

” The basic rule for any balancing is to Fall …”

” I was the biggest non-sense – to be sensible amongst the non-sense…

I am the most sensible – to be nonsense with non-senses…”

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